Dana Gaulke
Missy Chicre CEO of Menttium focuses on mentoring and inclusion in the workplace.

ERG Panel Sessions

Thought Leaders, Advocates & Speakers

Invite Menttium into your Women’s ERG for an interactive facilitated panel session to learn more about the power of mentorship and the important role it plays in the lives and careers of women. Menttium is a woman-owned and woman-led business with over three decades of experience helping organizations to develop, engage and retain their key talent through innovative mentoring experiences.

60 minute virtual session

MS Teams


Facilitated by Dana Gaulke, Relationship Management Director, Menttium


Example Panelists Include:


Michelle Wieser, Menttium Mentor, Dean of Business and Technology, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota


Tim Meyer, Menttium Mentor, Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Bolt Medical


Missy Chicre, Chief Executive Officer, Menttium Corporation

Additional Panel Topics include:


Allyship: What does allyship mean to you, particularly in the context of workplace dynamics and diversity? Can you provide examples of successful strategies or initiatives that have effectively engaged men in conversations about gender diversity and inclusion?


Finding a Mentor: What strategies or approaches would you recommend for identifying potential mentors within one’s professional network. How can individuals effectively initiate conversations with potential mentors and articulate their mentoring needs and goals?


Own Your Career: Knowing how critical it is to be intentional with your career, what does it mean when organizations tell you to “own your career” and how can individuals take charge of their career planning?

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Sample Workshops and Panel Discussions Locally and Nationally

  • Keystone Group International, Culture Cohort Panelist, Growing Business and Culture Through People Development
  • WIRED – Women Impacting Revenue who are Empowered and Driven, Panelist
  • Prouty Project, 2x Panelist, i – will Leadership Development Program for Women
  • Twin Cities Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Session Presenter & Workshop Facilitator, topics including Unlock Potential Through Mentoring: Retain and Develop Your Diverse Talent
  • HRMAC CHRO (Human Resources Management Association of Chicago Chief Human Resource Officer) Roundtable Series, Session Leader & Facilitator
  • Network & Affinity Leadership Congress Dallas, Session Moderator, Diversity Best Practices