Our mission is to enrich lives and strengthen organizations through innovative mentoring experiences. As a woman-owned and woman-led business with over three decades of experience, Menttium takes a human-centered approach to help organizations develop, engage and retain their key talent through both cross-company and internal mentoring experiences. We believe in the power of authentic human connection to yield both individual and organizational benefits!

Menttium Differentiators

Promoting your personal brand at work

Human-Centered Matching

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Rigor, Structure, Tools

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Business & Leadership Education

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Virtual Partnerships

Jessie Burgess

Unparalleled Mentor Network

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Return on Mentoring

Authentic Human Connections

Missy Chicre | Menttium CEO

Innovative Leaders

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Employee Retention

Missy Chicre | Menttium CEO

Julie Owen | Innovative Office Solutions COO & Menttium Mentor

Return on Mentoring: What’s the ROI?



More engaged in their organization



More likely to stay with their organization



Stronger sense of confidence



Improved leadership skills and more prepared for roles of complexity, authority and/or scope