Leveraging Technology to Create Effective Virtual Mentoring Partnerships

Technology is constantly evolving and providing countless opportunities that allow corporate mentoring programs to flourish and function more effectively. Not only does modern technology makes it easier for people to access the same information and documents, but it also breaks down communication barriers, connecting high-potential individuals across thousands of miles. Mentoring programs especially can benefit from these advances through the creation and support of virtual mentoring partnerships.


As a leader at your company, you’ll want to utilize every resource at your disposal to support and engage your employees throughout a mentoring program. Being able to video chat with a mentor or mentee, share screens, and even participate in webinars are just some of the ways we can use technology to our advantage when it comes to strengthening the mentor-mentee bond and encouraging authentic dialogue and key learnings.


Mentoring Technology


Technology adds a key element of convenience to a mentoring program, making such a program altogether more accessible. This is incredibly valuable in strengthening the mentor-mentee relationship and helping to achieve certain performance goals. With communication being easier than ever, mentees are able to reach their mentors quickly and easily. And not only can new technology be used to facilitate the mentoring relationship, but it can also be useful in measuring the success of the program.


Our cross-company corporate mentoring programs in particular are set up to connect mentees with the perfect mentor regardless of distance. In fact, the majority of our mentoring partnerships are entirely virtual! Thanks to advances such as video chatting, these partnerships are just as authentic and just as valuable as a mentor and mentee who meet offline to engage in critical discussions.


Screen sharing is yet another great tool that can become a part of a mentoring program. It can be useful even if the mentor and mentee are together in person. Another great advancement to technology, this allows you to be able to see in real-time what the other person’s screen looks like rather than waiting for a screenshot via email. This makes for easier collaboration and decision-making.


At Menttium, we offer business education webinars on a monthly basis. Without modern technology, these wouldn’t be possible! Business education webinars are online seminars that focus on topics relevant to emerging leaders and high-performing business professionals. They feature various mentors that provide insights, perspective, and knowledge on the topic at hand. Being able to access these webinars allows mentees to see another viewpoint in addition to their personal mentor’s, providing a valuable complement to the mentor-mentee partnership.

Technology Gives Mentoring Programs a Boost


While mentoring programs still offer plenty of benefits without the constant use of technology, advances like video chatting and screen sharing certainly offer a boost. Video chatting in particular makes virtual partnerships feasible and an incredible asset to your program. Through the ease of online communication, mentoring can be made more accessible for everyone.


At Menttium, we’re constantly developing new and exciting additions to our current program offerings. Because technology continues to advance, we continue to bolster and expand our valuable corporate mentoring programs, allowing us to deliver a greater ROI for your company. Currently, we’re piloting virtual peer group conversations via Zoom, which will enable mentees to connect with each other in meaningful ways, generating discussions about the topics that matter most to them.

Corporate Mentoring Services from Menttium


There’s no telling how technology will evolve in the future, but that only means that mentoring programs will continue to benefit from that innovation. Here at Menttium, we believe in fostering a culture that enhances meaningful relationships, improves engagement, increases job satisfaction, and allows for continual growth. With the help of advancing technology, virtual mentoring partnerships can allow a unique mentor-mentee relationship to thrive. From fostering one-on-one conversations to offering helpful business education webinars, we are dedicated to utilizing modern technology to its fullest potential to enhance the mentoring experience.


But if there’s one area of our customized matchmaking programs that doesn’t rely on technology, it’s our matching process. Instead of a basic computer algorithm, we rely on skilled interviewers who base their matches around professional and development goals. We also encourage mentees to seek a mentor who has a different background than themselves, which can provide them with unique perspectives and dialogues that will strengthen the relationship and guide them toward success.

Through corporate mentoring programs or a customized internal approach, Menttium can provide you with the tools and resources that will allow your employees to grow and thrive. If you are ready to invest in the success of your employees, contact us today to get started on creating a mentoring program.