Customized Internal
Corporate Mentoring

What is Internal Corporate Mentoring?

Clients who come to Menttium for help designing and implementing an internal mentoring program do so because they want to transfer cultural knowledge and foster an overall mentoring culture. One important consideration for the feasibility of an internal mentoring program is sufficient availability of mentors within your organization.


Contact us to discuss options if the number of potential mentors available within your organization is a concern for you.

Available Program Components from Menttium


Strategic Program Design

Program Implementation

Curriculum Design


Program Orientation & Launch

Mentee Readiness Training

Mentor Effectiveness Training

Quarterly or Mid-Program Sessions

Supplemental Learning Sessions

Commencement Celebration


Assessment & Goal Setting

Profiling & Interviewing Training

Matching Consulting

Program Success Measurement

Guidebooks & Resources

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long

Senior Organizational Development Specialist

Mary Kay, Inc.

“Mary Kay Inc. has been partnering with Menttium since 1997. We initially worked with Menttium to develop female leaders through external mentoring, in an effort to promote more women to senior leadership. Today, we partner with Menttium to develop newly promoted directors, both male and female, through external mentoring, in order to support them in their transition from manager to director. Our mentees are happy with the matches that Menttium makes, and with the quality of mentoring. Recently, I spoke with a Menttium alumna who did not believe in mentoring prior to her Menttium experience; however, the experience converted her and she is now a strong advocate for the program.


In 2006, Menttium helped Mary Kay design and implement a global internal mentoring program. We recently celebrated the tenth launch of the program, which has been wildly successful. Menttium was key in providing expert advice, especially for the matching process and for mentee/mentor orientation. While we manage the program internally, we continue to use Menttium’s materials to support the program.
Menttium has deep knowledge on the subject of mentoring. Their experts are always available to answer questions on the topic and to brainstorm solutions to challenges that we encounter.”