Conscious Inclusion

Inclusion doesn’t just happen by accident or by good intentions. Our biases, conscious and unconscious, can get in the way. In this Business Education Webinar, Dr. Michael Baran discusses unconscious bias and how it can negatively impact outcomes at work. And while there’s certainly been a lot of talk about unconscious bias in DEI training over the past decade, most of this training doesn’t work because it doesn’t move from awareness to action. Dr. Baran will provide more foundational understanding about how unconscious bias works and about what we can do to move from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion.

Iris Inclusion is a global diversity, equity, and inclusion firm specializing in highly engaging and evidence-based training, consulting, keynotes, eLearning, and writing. The company was founded by Dr. Michael Baran, award-winning author, speaker, social scientist, and DEI practitioner, and now brings together a highly diverse group of accomplished speakers, trainers, executive coaches, and advocates. At Iris Inclusion, we know that we can all do better. We can connect more authentically and empathetically with others. We can consider a diversity of perspectives and people in our actions and decisions. We can lead more inclusively so that everyone feels respected and valued while organizations thrive. And we can intentionally design structures and processes for more equitable outcomes for all.


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