Growth happens when you are able to take risks

Confidence is at the heart of all that mentees achieve over the year of their formal mentorship and in the years that follow. It sets the foundation for their ability to step outside their comfort zones and try new things, step up when they don’t feel ready for that new position, ask for a promotion, navigate organizational change, lead a global team, handle team conflict, present to senior leadership, and so on.

It is human nature to want to put forth the best you have to offer, yet we all occasionally have a “crisis of confidence.” Review the resources below to learn more about how to boost your confidence and why it matters.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”


-Henry Ford

Jessie Burgess

I’m sometimes asked why I’m so passionate about mentoring. I often answer in a simple business term — return on investment. Mentoring is one of life’s rare activities that generate positive results for the participants, their organizations, and their broader circles of influence. This positive impact is achieved simply by showing concern for another and investing time in them. Those in business know that a low-cost, low-risk, and low-complexity investment with such positive results makes for a remarkable return.


Mentees have a world of possibilities before them and, all too often, they miss these possibilities because they undervalue their unique capabilities and doubt their ultimate control over outcomes. As a mentor, I look forward to helping them have a passion for discovering who they are and how to embrace everything they find. Their subsequent clarity to attack and overcome their concerns while maximizing their unique strength is powerful. Ultimately, they choose to take that previously elusive control and establish confidence as a standard for their lives.


Anyone who’s been on this amazing journey with a mentee will certainly understand my passion.

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Menttium Boosts Confidence

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