How will you measure success? Who will you share the results with?

We have been measuring the success of our mentoring programs for over two decades and we’ve learned a thing or two in the process. We also know that your data analytics team or staff IO Psychologist might want to do it differently. Bottom line, we’re here to support you AND would HIGHLY recommend formally measuring the benefits of the program not merely from satisfaction rates, rather from the hard data of overall impact on retention, engagement, job performance, relationships, gains in key performance indicators, etc.

Measurement Overview

Check-in #1 Data Collection
  1. Rapport development
  2. Satisfaction with meeting frequency
  3. Satisfaction with partners level of engagement and meeting outcomes
  4. Goal setting progress
Check-in #1 Aggregate Client Report

We aggregate the data and create a client specific report for your review that protects the anonymity of the survey respondents. We also schedule a 1 hour debrief to walk through survey results and provide comparisons against the hundreds of programs we have designed before allowing us to pivot in the moment to course correct or provide reassurance that your participants are on the right track.

Check-in #2 Data Collection
  1. Trust established in partnership
  2. Goal progression
  3. Goal satisfaction
  4. Impact on retention (intent to stay) and engagement
  5. Impact on relationships
  6. Impact on confidence, leadership skills, job performance
Check-in #2 Aggregate Client Report

Contact us to see a sample report.

Return on Mentoring Data Collection (End of Program)
  1. Retention
  2. Engagement
  3. Job, Team, Company Impact
  4. Impact on Relationships
  5. Impact on Confidence
  6. Impact on Leadership Skills
  7. Gains in capabilities aligned with goals
Return on Mentoring Aggregate Client Report (End of Program)

Contact us to see a sample report.

We leverage FormAssembly integrated with Salesforce and Conga for data collection and report generation. Then, we manually scrub all reports of proper names and any unique identifiers like projects, divisions, etc. The goal is that you receive anonymous feedback on the overall success of program participants. We can also alert you to partnerships in trouble or those not responding to surveys to allow you the opportunity to provide additional support to increase overall impact.


If you’re not ready to take on measurement day one, let us show you what we can do and you can also have your internal team collect your own data when the timing is right. We’ve had positive feedback from both methods. Just don’t miss this window of opportunity to formalize the impact – you’ll want your senior leaders and senior champions to see the value of what you are designing and implementing.

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