Natalie Stute

Executive Mentoring Case Study

Natalie Stute, Chief Human Resources Officer

Business Case

Natalie joined Menttium as an Executive Mentee. She had been recently appointed Vice President of Human Resource with Jostens, a privately held consumer goods company located in Minneapolis, MN.

With a goal of accelerating her own learning, Natalie wanted to be paired with a mentor who could challenge her thinking, be a sounding board as she worked with our senior leaders on their opportunities and challenges, and who would stretch her leadership abilities, and communication style, as she transitioned effectively into her new role. In her transition from Senior Director to Vice President, she was also striving to help take her team to the next level in terms of performance and execution.

To help Natalie achieve her objectives, Menttium paired Natalie with Jim Gwaltney, President of J Gwaltney & Associates. Jim is a former senior level Executive with Ford Motor Company, accomplished author who holds an MBA and PhD. Jim’s background is in sales and marketing and is located in Irvine, California.

Mentoring Strategy


“Menttium’s Executive Mentoring Program allowed me a tremendous opportunity to partner with another executive outside of my industry, function and comfort zone. My Executive Mentor was invaluable as we talked about critical lessons he learned throughout his career – from transforming businesses, making major changes, understanding market dynamics, and addressing people issues. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone who is seeking a fresh perspective on how to approach business challenges and is committed to their executive development and growth.”



Natalie and Jim met regularly focusing on topics and agendas Natalie created. Jim brought 35+ years of experience to the conversation and leveraged his strengths in working with senior executives, strategic thinking and communication. Natalie and Jim maximized their twelve months of virtual partnerships together to the fullest. Now, several years after the formal experience, Natalie has leveraged her honed skills and experience to achieve a role in the c-suite. Jim would tell you that Natalie was well on her way before his involvement in her career development, but we know Jim’s influence impacts his mentees’ ability to reach their goals.