Menttium 100

Menttium 100 was the first cross-company mentoring program established in 1991. It’s name came from the first cohort size – 100 women. Since 1991, Menttium 100’s reach has expanded to over 70 countries and more than 200 companies.

We have seen modest changes to male dominance in corporate culture, but women still face barriers and there is more work to do.

Menttium 100 provides a confidential environment with a mentor experienced in the strategies needed for women to overcome the persistent obstacles and accelerate their advancement. Increased confidence is a by-product of our Menttium 100 program.


Increased Confidence

As a result of their Menttium 100 experience

Why does increasing the confidence of women in corporate roles matter? Research tells us that women will only apply for a job or promotion if they have 100% of the required skills where their male counterparts will apply when they have 60% of the necessary skills.

By improving women’s confidence, we are removing gender related obstacles to advancement. We all need a champion at different phases of our careers. Menttium 100’s data proves that when you arm your high potential women with a mentor they will take more risks, including lateral moves, accept additional responsibility and apply for the promotion more often than their female colleagues who do not have a mentor.


Navigate the Matrix

% of Menttium 100 Women Who Made a Lateral Move During Their One Year Mentoring Experience


Take on Additional Responsibilities

% of Menttium 100 Women Who Accepted Additional Responsibilities During Their One Year Mentoring Experience


Receive Promotions

% of Menttium 100 Women Who Earned Promotions During Their One Year Mentoring Experience

Why Choose Menttium 100

other leadership development institutes, forums, conferences, retreats or networking groups?



 The impact of the Menttium 100 mentorship lasts far more than a few weeks or months. Our data shows that most Menttium partnerships last long after the formal program concludes.


29 Years of Ongoing Learning

Peer connections provide additional opportunities to learn with other like minded individuals.


Mentee run Bookclub ran 20 Years!

Our experienced mentors are second to none and are the heart of our programs.


Average Tenure of Menttium Mentors (Years)

One-on-One Mentoring Partnership

With only 5% women representation across Fortune 500 CEOs, we see a major need for senior leaders to champion women and to instill confidence in their high performers. Our Menttium 100 mentors all are vetted to ensure they have a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and can support women in achieving their career aspirations.

Business Education Webinars

Menttium 100 mentees join Momentum and Ladders mentees for monthly Business Education Webinars focused on topics critical to our mentees and proven to be pivotal to leadership success.

Peer Networking

In addition to a one on one partnership. Mentees also have access to connect with peers from other corporations for an added level of support and opportunity to learn from each other.

Menttium 100 Participant Testimonials