Developing Key Talent

Menttium’s Ladders Program

Ladders is a cross-company mentoring program designed to enhance your key talents’ leadership skills and abilities. Consistent outcomes from our Ladders programs include:

  • increased employee engagement
  • increased retention (intent to stay)
  • increased job performance

Menttium Increases Retention (Intent to Stay)

% of Ladders Mentees Reported Increased Enthusiasm to Stay at their Current Organizations and to Seek Opportunities within their Companies as a result of their Ladders Experience

By 2020, nearly half of the workforce will be of the Millennial generation. Millennials not only want flexible, purpose driven work,but they also want employers to invest in their development. To complicate matters, the speed of change in today’s corporate culture results in at least 24% of Ladders’ mentees experiencing a manager change during their one-year program.

Supporting your high potentials with a mentor can help bridge the gap and will accelerate development and goal achievement. 95% of Ladders participants indicated that their mentor positively impacted their ability to achieve their goals.

Millennials will stay with one employer for 4.4 years on average. If you want to retain your high potential Millennials, you need to focus on their development, not just compensation.


Average Number of Years Millennials Stay with One Employer

94% of Ladders mentees indicate that they are more likely to stay at their current employer because they feel valued and have been able to achieve their goals with the support of a mentor.


Ladders Mentee Retention (Intent to Stay)


Corporate America

% of Corporations with a Strategy for Developing their High Potential Employees


Menttium Increases Engagement

% of Ladders Mentees Reporting Increased Engagement in their Organizations at the End of the One Year Program

One-on-One Mentoring Partnership

High performing employees need to be challenged, engaged, and supported and each of their goals are unique. Ladders mentors are committed to supporting mentees in reaching and exceeding their goals. One common theme that comes from our programs is the need to “dream bigger.” Mentees in Ladders accelerate through their corporations faster than their peers who don’t have a mentor.

Business Education Webinars

Ladders mentees join Menttium 100 and Momentum mentees for monthly Business Education Webinars focused on topics critical to our mentees and proven to be pivotal to leadership success.

Peer Networking

In addition to a one on one partnership. Mentees also have access to connect with peers from other corporations for an added level of support and opportunity to learn from each other.

Ladders Participant Testimonials