Menttium’s mission is to enrich lives and strengthen organizations through innovative mentoring experiences. As a woman-owned and woman-led business with over three decades of experience, Menttium takes a human-centered approach to help organizations develop, engage and retain their key talent through both cross-company and internal mentoring experiences. We believe in the power of authentic human connection to yield both individual and organizational benefits!

Hear from a Mentee Alumnus
Delroy Birch, Ph.D. | VP, Integration Mgmt Office | APCO Holdings
Hear from a Program Administrator
Shunda Robinson | SVP, DEI | GM Financial
Why Menttium in the Age of AI?
Missy Chicre | CEO | Menttium

Program Options

Menttium 100

Our flagship program running since 1991 for women. Leverage this program to focus on advancing women throughout your organization.


Developed in 2008 for professionals of color to create access and enable advancement. Leverage this program as an enabler of your diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging strategies.


Developing all key talent across the globe – our most inclusive program to fit your broad leadership development strategies.

Designed to accelerate senior leaders’ ability to achieve business objectives and enhance their leadership capabilities to inspire growth. Offers one-to-one mentoring for your rising executives by matching them with mentors who are seasoned executive and c-suite leaders.

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Client Testimonials

General Mills logo

Sarah Petersen

D&I Specialist

General Mills, Inc.

Mary Kay Logo

Jennifer Long
Senior Organizational Development Specialist

Mary Kay, Inc.

General Mills has successfully partnered with Menttium for over ten years. We value this partnership for many reasons, but the most significant value is providing differential development opportunities to our high potential employees.


Our partnership with Menttium in the Menttium 100 program is given high praise from both our employees and their managers. We have heard that Menttium has resulted in increased readiness to take on roles with greater complexity, scope, or authority, as well as increased leadership capabilities. Employees personally have told me the value of working with an external mentor is critical, allowing them to have a safe place to talk and a broader network from which to learn from.


Menttium makes partnering in developing our employees easy. In all ways, they focus on customer service, going over and above. I appreciate their willingness to provide education and support to our employees going through the Menttium 100 program as well as myself, as I continue to improve our other internal mentoring programs.


I appreciate the value Menttium brings to our overall development offerings. I encourage you to explore how Menttium can partner with you in bringing differential development to your employees.

Mary Kay Inc. has been partnering with Menttium since 1997. We initially worked with Menttium to develop female leaders through external mentoring, in an effort to promote more women to senior leadership. Today, we partner with Menttium to develop newly promoted directors, both male and female, through external mentoring, in order to support them in their transition from manager to director. Our mentees are happy with the matches that Menttium makes, and with the quality of mentoring. Just this morning I spoke with a Menttium alumna who did not believe in mentoring prior to her Menttium experience; however, the experience converted her and she is now a strong advocate for the program.


In 2006, Menttium helped Mary Kay design and implement a global internal mentoring program. We recently celebrated the tenth launch of the program, which has been wildly successful. Menttium was key in providing expert advice, especially for the matching process and for mentee/mentor orientation. While we manage the program internally, we continue to use Menttium’s materials to support the program.


Menttium has deep knowledge on the subject of mentoring. Their experts are always available to answer questions on the topic and to brainstorm solutions to the challenges that we encounter.

Participant Testimonials

Marianne Perben

Director, Planning Services

ISO New England

William Davies
Senior Managing Director

U.S. Bank

Alayne Russom
Thrivent Financial

Jennifer Kennedy
Voya Investment Management

“I had a wonderful experience meeting and working with my mentor throughout the year. Her deep expertise, thoughtful and unique views helped me work through challenges with ease and, most importantly great fun. She was a perfect match and I feel so blessed that I was able to partner with her.”


“Trust the process. It far exceeded my expectations and I had a massive year of growth.”


“Peggy is a wonderful mentor. She was able to take my professional experiences and relate them to her own that provided excellent parallels. I received guidance on dealing with difficult employees, increasing my executive presence, approaching my manager with new ideas, etc. I also learned not to mentally beat myself up after perceived failures. There are so many wonderful gold nuggets I got from Peggy. I keep a running list of advice from her that I plan to pass on to others.”


“My Menttium mentor was phenomenal. She listened to me and truly understood all of the situations discussed. She consistently provided solid advice and/or posed probing questions that made me think about the challenge in a new way. Natalie’s focus was always on getting to the right approach, resulting in forward progress. Being partnered with Natalie has been a wonderful experience!”


Return on Mentoring



More engaged in their organization



More likely to stay with their organization



Stronger sense of confidence



Improved leadership skills and more prepared for roles of complexity, authority and/or scope

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