We use a proven process to kickstart your partnerships and to enable each individual to be successful. We train mentees AND mentors in their roles and responsibilities. Here’s an overview.

Through nearly 30 years, we have found that your Program Launch is one of the most important events to ensure a productive mentoring partnership. It seems intuitive that we all can find mentors in our lives, however, a bit of reinforcement about roles, and responsibilities goes a long way. During this 60-90 minute Webinar session we walk mentees and mentors through an interactive session learning about their trust building styles, experience in giving and receiving feedback and standard meeting agendas. Our accompanying guidebook provides sample meeting agendas, recommended resources and common pitfalls to avoid.


Each launch session will be recorded for your convenience and edited post session. We will provide a streaming link to be shared with anyone who may not have been able to attend the live session. Best practices is to have over 90% attendance, however, we realize there are certain unavoidable situations in which a recorded session will be the only option. This will be available for 12 months for participants to watch at their convenience.


Interactive PDF Launch Guide
Customizable to support your organization's goals
  1. Consider having senior champions speak and introduce the program.
  2. Consider voices of experience who can speak to their prior experiences as a program participants.
Facilitated Session

60-90 minute facilitated session in WebEx or Zoom including edited session post event with streaming link available for 12 months post session.

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