George Floyd

Dear Menttium Community,

Our hearts are heavy with grief and anger at the horrific death of George Floyd in our home of Minneapolis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and our community as we honor his life and reflect on this moment in history to make transformational change.

Deep in our core as human beings we know this senseless loss of life from systemic and relentless racism has been running rampant across our nation and has gone on far too long with little change.

We do not have the answers. But we are willing to ask the hard questions. Menttium’s mission for almost 30 years has been to help people thrive both personally and professionally. Menttium was founded in the work of supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts through the mentoring process. We recognize that the work we have done is not enough. That we must do more to put a process in place for sustained effort in addressing the underlying issues.

What’s next? As individuals we are starting with our own deep reflection, as a team we are educating ourselves, as a community of leaders we are engaging in courageous conversations and committing to action and investing in our home of the Twin Cities by supporting organizations like the Minnesota Healing Justice Network. As a Menttium Community we are asking you to join us in being part of the solution to real and lasting change. We are open to your ideas on how Menttium can address racism and inequity more actively and more directly. In the days ahead we will need all of us working together to create the change we seek.

To the Black Community, we see you, we hear you and we apologize for not doing enough. We are committed to doing more in a sustained way.

With hope and prayers for a better world starting now.

Lynn Sontag
CEO, Menttium Corporation