Menttium Matters

In this episode, Jeannine Rivet delivers a fantastic presentation on “Climbing the Ladder without Getting Dizzy or Falling Off.” Jeannine, who has been called one of the most powerful women in business, generously shares the lessons she has learned throughout her life and career. The presentation is filled with memorable stories, sage wisdom, and actionable advice. Listeners will come away feeling inspired to honor their priorities; to mentor others; and to be more intentional in thinking about the legacy they would like to leave.

Video Segments: 

Harmony vs. balance

Jeannine Rivet, long time Menttium Mentor, shares her experience as an executive with finding harmony in life vs. “work/life balance.”


We are creating our legacy each and every day…starting in our 20’s, we just don’t know it. Jeannine Rivet, long time Menttium mentor challenges us to think about what we want to be our legacy.

Life lessons

Jeanine Rivet shares her life lessons learned through each decade in her full podcast presentation – here are a few snippets of her wisdom throughout a highly successful career.

Formal and informal mentors

Identify formal mentors for continuous learning and informal mentors for targeted learning. Long time Menttium mentor Jeannine Rivet shares her perspective on the benefits of both.

Leadership and learning by decade

Jeannine Rivet breaks down common leadership lessons learned by decade.