Menttium’s Match Philosophy

& Process

Effective matching of mentees and mentors is critical if your desired goal is to support your mentees with their development goals. Successfully matching mentees and mentors is part science and part art. Appropriate matching will increase program engagement, organizational engagement and will strengthen the mentoring culture at your corporation.

Welcome Email

Menttium can distribute on your behalf with an email template which you can customize or you can simply share the application landing page link via an internal email you distribute.

Custom Program Landing Page
Survey Profile

Data Syncs to Menttium’s

CRM & Proprietary Match Tool

Survey Questions are Customizable (within best practices) to meet your individual program goals and needs.

Match Tool Driven by Menttium Staff

Menttium will guide you through the matching process using nearly 30 decades of experience with a 95% match success rate.

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