Leadership Development with Purpose and Accountability

Leadership Development with Purpose and Accountability

Mentoring is a proactive professional development strategy pairing an experienced leader of senior rank, title and scope, with a less experienced rising star. Typically, the ‘mentee’ has been identified as a future leader in the organization that demonstrates two essential qualities; Already having earned acknowledgement of being worthy of the investment, while also exhibiting the capacity to accept personal responsibility in an ongoing process.

Mentoring is not tied to advancement, isn’t remedial or used interchangeably with managing. It is a voluntary process, with mutual buy-in, where guidance is voluntary, confidential, and thoughtful, because it is also structured and formal.

Unlike coaching, where the coach has leverage and power, mentoring is mentor-guided but mentee-driven. Mentoring is in every sense a two-way street; a partnership where knowledge is shared, guidance provided, and a rich, mutually rewarding relationship ensues that often lasts years beyond the initial engagement.

Together they focus upon the mentee’s growth and development needs, honing the skills and acumen required of senior leadership. Benefits include a better understanding of corporate navigational techniques, communication skills, strategic thinking, assessment of risk, and willingness to confidently reach beyond the mentee’s comfort zone.

Where others turn participants loose to fend for themselves, we leave nothing to chance. Combing our vast database of over 7000 top executive mentors around the world, Menttium programs match mentees with just the right mentoring fit. From goal-setting to meetings and post-meeting communication and follow-up, mentors ask and guide, rather than tell and direct.