Menttium Matters

Lynn Sontag

Lynn Sontag, Menttium Owner & CEO shares her perspective on a life well lived and why she has dedicated her life to developing and mentoring others. Menttium was founded in 1991 with the mission of advancing women in corporate America. Lynn has been involved in the mission for the last 25 years and has guided the organization towards broader initiatives supporting key talent, executive development, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion in the global market. Lynn talks about the rewards of taking risks; the growth opportunities of “mentoring at the difference;” the transformative power of mentoring; and the importance of gratitude during both the good times and the challenging times.

Video Segments: 

A gratitude mindset

Be grateful for the little things as well as the big things. Start every day with gratitude because life is hard and you will need the gratitude to get you through some days. Lynn Sontag, Menttium Owner & CEO, shares her perspective on leadership.

Menttium’s Mission

Owner & CEO Lynn Sontag shares the Menttium Mission.

You are enough

Be generous, compassionate and assume positive intent. Lynn Sontag, Menttium Owner & CEO wants everyone to know you are enough and that life can be hard, you will fail, but it will bring richness to your life journey.