Mentoring Programs for Human Resource Leaders

At Menttium, our goal is to strengthen organizations through their people. From the perspective of human resource professionals, we can help to accelerate both retention and growth across any number of sectors. With our unique internal and cross-company mentoring programs, we help to elevate your existing resources and further develop key talent within your company.


Our mentoring programs are not like others. We don’t use algorithms to match our mentors and mentees or to craft our coursework. Each element of your chosen Menttium program is created by mentoring professionals and configured to specifically meet your internal needs. All mentees that participate in a Menttium mentoring program are matched by a team of skilled interviewers based on their goals and objectives.


And once you begin a Menttium mentoring program in your office, you won’t be alone. With seasoned mentoring consultants always on call, all of your mentoring questions will be answered quickly and professionally. Additionally, along the way, human resource managers and employees will have added support from Menttium guidebooks, partnership tools, communication resources for program managers, curated content, just-in-time reminders, agendas, and partnership best practices. As a human resource professional, it can be tough to find a mentoring program for your workplace that best suits all of your needs, but at Menttium, with our wide range of unique programs, you’re sure to find the perfect mentoring program for your team.

Cross-Company Corporate Mentoring


Looking to provide your employees with the resources they need to excel, but on a manageable level? Our cross-company corporate mentoring program may be best for you. Since our inception, Menttium’s cross-company corporate mentoring programs have helped over 80,000 leaders achieve their professional goals and expand their potential.


When you choose to utilize our cross-company programs, you’ll be inviting our world-class mentors to share their outside perspectives and innovative thinking with your high potential employees. Through entirely confidential relationships, your employees will be able to express true vulnerability and experience growth.


Using highly skilled mentoring experts, 95% of our mentee-mentor matches are successful. And if one of your employees expressed unease with their placement, our team will troubleshoot and if needed rematch that individual. By partnering with Menttium to establish a cross-company corporate mentoring program for your high potential employees, you begin to cultivate a culture that permeates performance-based systems, processes, and leadership practices that will result in a substantial return on investment, or return on mentoring as we prefer to say.

Internal Mentoring Program


Those who choose to turn to Menttium for internal mentoring programs are typically searching for the opportunity to transfer cultural knowledge and foster an overall mentoring culture within their workplace. If you believe that there are sufficient, available mentors within your company, then internal corporate mentoring may be right for your needs.


With the right mentor, a mentee can experience accelerated learning, increased confidence, expanded perspectives, and unlock their true potential. At Menttium, we’ll work with you and your team to develop an internal mentoring program that leverages formalized mentoring to help your employees thrive at both at work and in life. We accomplish this goal by focusing on each mentee as a whole and using a human touch in every aspect of creating your internal corporate mentoring program.


From McGraw-Hill to Thomson Reuters, many companies have found success through creating internal corporate mentoring programs with Menttium. With a dedicated team ready to walk you through each phase of development, from curriculum design to program success measurement, we’ll ensure that your internal mentoring program is leveraging your brand’s existing strengths while implementing new tactics that will, in turn, yield valuable results to all enrolled in the mentoring program.

Specialized Corporate Mentoring Programs


If our widely-utilized cross-company and internal programs don’t meet your specific organizational needs, we can customize an approach that works for you.  For example, we can conduct a high-level Strong Start to Your Mentoring Program training to raise the bar on your existing program. Contact us to learn more about our consulting and customization options.  

Menttium 100


Menttium 100 seeks to provide a confidential environment in which high potential female professionals can receive mentoring from a mentor with first-hand experience with the strategies needed for women to overcome the persistent obstacles in their way within the modern workplace and accelerate their advancement. Outcomes of this program typically include women making lateral moves, taking on additional responsibilities, and receiving promotions.



Ladders was specifically designed to enhance the leadership talents and abilities of your key talent. 94% of Ladders participants express intent to stay with their current company at the conclusion of their mentoring period, leading to significantly increased retention rates. Consistently, companies who connect their key talent with the Ladders program see increased employee engagement, retention, and job performance.



If you’re looking for a corporate mentoring program geared explicitly towards professionals of color, then the Momentum program may be what you need. Created to accelerate leadership skills in professionals of color, the Momentum program seeks to help corporations change the landscape of their leadership teams. By pairing your employees with cross-company mentors, you allow them the opportunity to address the cultural challenges they face in their day to day work environment in a safe, confidential, and trusting environment.

Executive Mentoring


Our executive mentoring programs are custom created to meet the needs and experience of each individual. Using best in class diagnostics and curriculum, our program seeks to support leaders new to the C-suite or on the cusp of the C-suite. In a professional world that is evolving at the speed of light where one is expected to adapt, innovate, and execute more quickly than ever, our executive mentoring program will help your leaders quickly adjust and begin to make an impact within their new role.

Find the Program That’s Right for Your Needs with Menttium


Whether you’re seeking to create a custom internal mentoring program for your global organization or are seeking executive mentoring for some of the high potential employees at your nonprofit, at Menttium, we have a corporate mentoring program that will meet your needs. With over 28 years of experience helping individuals succeed within their chosen fields, we know that our mentoring professionals can help you to create lasting change within your workplace.